3 Things To Do in South Korea :3


I wanna tell you guys what will I do if I come and visit South Korea ^^

1. I wanna try to live in Hanok , I’ve never been to South Korea before, so I don’t know the feeling live in Hanok. so I wanna try it once ^^ when I asked a Korean teenager, she said she didn’t know much cause now they(Korean people) prefer to stay in apartments. So if I can stay and live in Hanok I’ll be happy cause now not so many Korean have my experience to live in Hanok. ^^

2. I wanna try to make Kimchi and learn the Traditional Dance , I think almost everyone like kimchi so much and they eat kimchi almost everyday. I really am get curious what exactly the taste of Kimchi. I already tried to eat one time in my country at korean restaurant but still, I think it’s different when I’ll try it in South Korea. I want to learn the traditional dance too, I want to try every traditional cultures about South Korea but I think I wanna try both of this two first. I love to learn new things ^^

3. I wanna watch MusicBank SO BAD , since Imma kpoper maybe my visit to South Korea will not be complete if I don’t watch this one, I want to meet my Idols face to face not just in TV(everyone want it too LOL) I want to cheer for them in the same place when they performance, and just watch them in a distance makes me so happy : ” D

that’s all,


Whitney : D